My name’s Oskar and I’ve built over 300 websites with my team. Most of them are running on WordPress, have lots of custom features and need a professional developing team.

However, many of these so-called “developers” just buy a premium theme, run a quick install, tweak a few basic settings and charge you a lot for it.

As our services go well above the basic needs of a regular website owner, we thought that why not share everything we’ve learned in our journey. It’s fun for us and helpful for you.

Who’s behind WebsiteHowTo?

The small team behind WebsiteHowTo has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing field. We’re running a successful marketing agency, writing a blog, managing advertisement campaigns and so on. Our clients range from small family businesses to multi-million corporations, so we’ve seen it all.

When we first started developing with WordPress, it was hard to figure everything out, because there was only a small community of users that provided helpful information. Most of the tasks required the knowledge of an experienced developer.

Today however things are looking up. Everyone with a common sense and a bit of willpower can easily build their site. There’s lots (over 20 000) of free and premium themes, plugins for every desired functionality and helpful guides, like this one that you’re reading right now. Gone are the days where you had to pay a developer your hard earned money so that they could do the same steps listed in our guide.

We created this free guide because we’ve got all this knowledge that was use daily in our work, but it only reaches a selected group of people. As we’re a bunch of helpful people, it only seemed logical to continue the path that we’re going today.

Why do we help for free?

We’ve always lived by the motto – “Do something really well and success will follow”. By building this awesome guide and sharing our knowledge we can help you get your business online. For certain services (web hosting, domain registering) that you must use anyway, we get a commission fee if we refer our friends. Many times these referrals also come with added discounts to our friends – so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

We hope the road to digital channels will be smooth as possible. Get started by reading one of our guides:

How to build a website from scratch – Step-by-step tutorial for beginners

Best wishes, team

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