WebsiteHowTo is a reader-supported website

It means that we earn commissions from some of the service providers or companies that you can find on our site.

It works thanks to affiliate links – if you click on a unique link provided by these companies and end up purchasing a product or a service, we receive compensation.

This revenue strategy is not unique to us. Thousands of websites that review products on the internet use exactly the same revenue strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s often hidden away, so that people would think they do not earn any commissions – which isn’t true.

Why are we partnered with these service providers?

When we first launched Websitehowto, we were just a bunch of fans of digital products. As the site grows, so has the time we need to invest in it. To keep the site up and running without distracting ads and pop-ups, we decided to go with this strategy. That makes for a better user experience and you can focus on the information you came searching for.

Will this cost you more money?

No, it doesn’t. Many of our affiliate partners may give us discounts for our readers, so it may even cost you less.

Does it impact the rankings/ratings of the reviews?

Disclaimer: Reviewing is a subjective task. Finding the “best” is also very subjective. So before buying any of the services, make sure you read more reviews online, compare their features and do your own due diligence.

According to our tests, it does not impact the ratings or our ranking system. Here’s how we rank the service providers on our site:

  • Buy the product.
  • Install it on our computer.
  • Run tests if needed.
  • Check usability and user-friendliness.
  • Test out their customer support.
  • Compare the results with labs if available.
  • Compare the cost vs value.
  • Rank them accordingly.

Why are we disclosing this?

We want to be upfront with our visitors. We consider our reviews to be completely unbiased. However, you have a right to know if we receive any compensation from any services so that you can take that into account when reading our reviews.

And again, we want to be honest to you guys, our visitors.