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How to market yourself? – 6 tips to make you the go-to person

How to gain exposure as an expert? How to get new clients? How to get your dream job? These questions all have one thing in common. You have to put yourself out there and dominate the field. 

Here’s our 6 tips on how to market yourself:

Identify yourself

What is the message that you’re sending out? What’s your strongest expertise? To start branding yourself, you have to get to know yourself first. Just like a company needs to find its voice and set their goals to start profiling potential customers, you have to think about what signals do you want to send out.

It’s always a great idea to niche down. What does it mean? Rather than being mediocre at 10 topics, be great at 1 and success will follow. It’s much easier to gain traction in one field, than trying to wrap your head around multiple different topics.

Be active social media

Write a daily tweet that has your take on recent events or share valuable links and fresh content. 

Be active on social media because it’s one of the easiest ways to get recognized and grow a following. 

Videos are a constantly rising media format due to the fact that people tend to watch videos rather than reading long content. Starting a YouTube channel is easier than ever, since almost everyone has a high quality recorder in their pockets. Yes, I’m talking about that iPhone, this era’s camcorder.

To keep professional relations up to date, we suggest using LinkedIn as an addition to Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn has great opportunities for connecting with other industry experts.

If you’ve got more to share than just plain words, try Instagram. This is a must if your skills are based around creating visual assets or the product you’re offering can be photographed beautifully.

Share expert insights

Demonstrate your expertise in your niche and become the go-to person to ask advice from. Journalists are always looking for credible sources that could share some insights on topics they’re writing about. 

Remember, you don’t have to write long, but rather relevant content to put yourself on the map.

Maintain a portfolio

If you’re a professional, then you must have some achievements that you’re proud of. Make sure that you communicate your results on your website or online portfolio. Case studies and portfolio pages are one of the leading sources of new business opportunities aside from friend’s referrals. Market yourself through your success and make readers believers.

Start a blog and write

If you don’t have a website, but have a service or product to offer, you should definitely plan on building one ASAP. Why do you need a website? We give you 10 solid reasons why.

Your own blog or website leaves a great first impression and makes you look professional. Curating your own page also means that you’ll be picked up by Google search bots and be featured in their search results. Almost every question ends up getting googled and this is your chance to give the best answer. And maybe get a new client.

If you’re afraid, that it costs a lot or you don’t have the skills needed to do it, then you’re wrong. Websites can be effectively done either for free or for a monthly price equivalent of a snickers bar. 

We’ve covered building your own website from scratch in our free and easy-to-read tutorial so you can just follow along and have a site up and running under an hour.

Attend events

Conferences and public events are the best source for creating new relationships with people that could benefit from your knowledge. Also, you can find great minds that think alike, that some day may even create a business together. 

Become personal marketing’s prime example and get noticed for what you’re good at.