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We’ve written these free guides to help you make your own website and market it successfully. Our team of experts with years of real-life marketing experience is here to help you.

WordPress tutorials

How to Build a Website from Scratch

This guide covers everything from buying your own domain and web hosting to installing and setting up your new WordPress website.

WordPress for dummies

This guide features over 25 pages of great advice and step-by-step tutorials on installation, themes, SEO and marketing and lots more. Read this wether you want to setup your new website or improve your existing WordPress website.

How to Use the New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Learn how to use the new editor or switch back to the classic editor. We’ve included 10 examples of most popular blocks to help you get started quickly.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

There are various occasions and events when you would like to clone your existing blog post or a page and make some small changes and publish it. We cover a few easy ways to duplicate a page or a post in WordPress.

How to embed WordPress iframe in multiple ways

While you don’t need to use iframe anymore to display Youtube videos, it still has many applications on your WordPress website. Use iframe to display content safely from other websites.

Web builders & comparisons

Wix vs SquareSpace

We’ve reviewed two of the top players in the industry – Wix vs Squarespace.┬áToday these website builders shine brighter than ever, but they come with their own pros and cons. We’ll help you figure out the right one for you!

Wix vs WordPress

Should you go with a well known DIY builder or a user-friendly system, that hosts over 59,5% of all the websites in the world.

General guides and articles

What is WordPress?

What started out as a simple blogging tool, has now grown into world’s largest content management system. With over 56 million websites running on WordPress, it’s definitely a great idea to build your next website using WordPress. Read our article to see how WordPress can help your business grow.

How to optimize images for web?

Images are the main elements that usually bloat the website with huge file sizes, therefore making it slow for visitors and degrade it’s rankings in SEO. Learn how to properly resize and optimize images for fast results and great SEO rankings.

Why Do I Need a Website?

Are you still considering if you or your business needs a website or not? Think no more, we’ve listed 10 reasons why you should definitely build yourself a website.

How to Market Yourself?

While marketing yourself today is easier than ever, there’s still lots of questions on how and when and where one should do it. Our guide gives a simple overview to help you guide on your path.