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Why Do I Need a Website? – Here’s 10 reasons why!

Website is a great way to communicate your business to your potential clients.

When a person needs something, the first thing they usually do is Google it.

Just like you Googled “do I need a website?” or something similar that landed you here. They will also hopefully find a website that gives them answers. Maybe that website could even be yours.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and more than 300 websites built for our clients, we see the results firsthand by witnessing revenue and customer growths in various industries.

So…whether you have a restaurant, car rental business or a beauty salon, your business could really benefit from having a website.

Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. It helps your potential customers find you

Getting your business online should be one of the first things on your marketing strategy checklist. This way people can share your website to their friends and you can be found by the all-mighty Google search.

2. It’s basically free

With many website builders you can get a free domain and hosting to run your site on. While it’s not ideal, it’s still better than nothing. If you wish to get all the benefits of having your site online, we recommend you to get your own domain (usually around 10$/year) and professional hosting (starting at ~3$/month). We’ve covered these also in item number 4.

3. You can do it yourself

Did you know that you can build a really great website with website builders. Building a website with website builders is as simple as filling an online form or social media profile. Everybody knows how to post pictures to Facebook. Well, using a builder is kind of the same experience, you just add pictures and text where you want to and all of the techy stuff is done by computers. If you wish to learn more about website builders, we’ve reviewed two of the best builders in the market.

4. You can do it yourself… but even better

While website builders are really convenient, they still lack a few features that could benefit you a lot. We’re talking about site speed, website ownership and search engine optimization. These are all factors that WordPress does well.

Did you know that over 59.5% of websites are built with WordPress? There’s a reason behind it – it’s simple to use for beginners, it’s fast and has lots of great ready-made themes that you can use. And what’s even better? A lot of these themes are totally free.

If you want to learn how to build a website from scratch and get your own domain and hosting, then follow our free tutorial and your business will be online in under an hour!

5. It creates trust

Did you know that a customer’s first impression can heavily influence if they want to do business with you or not? Not being online in 2019 can be a warning sign for many potential customers. But having a beautiful website helps create trust, adds value to you marketing goals and makes you easy to find.

6. Steal customers from your competitors

Think about it. If your competitor has a website that shows up in Google search, displaying all the necessary information like their address, phone numbers and more, will they be looking around? We don’t think so either. But when there’s two results, then there’s a 50/50 chance that you could get the lead and make the sale.

7. Be accessible 24/7

Many people wonder around the internet during late hours. That’s when the kids are asleep, all the chores are done and they finally have some time to relax behind the computer. In today’s digital world, everybody wants answers and they want them fast.

Website can act as a great sales channel, collecting leads and answering questions, even while you’re sleeping. All you have to do is add a contact form to your pages that sends these inquiries straight to your mailbox.

8. Professional email address

Having your own domain lets you use the domain for the end part of your email address. Having a is totally acceptable for personal matters, but in a professional world you want to go with something like This can also be done without actually having a website, while just owning a domain and web hosting. Needless to say, while having the latter, why not take a few hours and improve your online presence.

9. Start marketing more effectively

When you’re marketing your business, most of the times you want to get people to make more sales. Website should act as a central hub for all your generated traffic. Whether it’s ads on social media or a print ad in a magazine, the destination should in most cases be your brand new shiny website.By using different techniques like conversion tracking and landing pages, you can start understanding if you’re wasting money or creating revenue from your advertising channels.

10. Turn your passion into your business

Website is also the first step towards owning an online businesses. You can easily build a blog or create an online store. This way you don’t even need a brick and mortar store or an office to make money. There’s plenty of people all around the world who make large figures simply by running a helpful website or a popular online store.

Your competitors aren’t waiting, why are you?

In 2019 we definitely feel like having a website is something that your customers expect and your business needs. Stop hiding your business from potential leads and get online today. We’ve written this free and easy guide for beginners, so that you can follow along and build your website in an hour.